The CRA is a government agency created by the citizens of Highlands County in 1996 to grow and development the boundaries of Sebring Regional Airport. Its mission is to eliminate blight and promote the redevelopment of the property within the CRA district. It achieves these goals through public-private partnerships and improvement of the public infrastructure. Redevelopment Trust Fund Ordinance number 31

How it works

The CRA is governed by seven board members who are appointed to four year terms by Highlands County. The members are citizen volunteers who reside within Highlands County, the redevelopment area and do not receive financial compensation for their service. CRA also operates pursuant to Chapter 163, Part III, Florida Statutes.

An Administrative Agency

The CRA is not a taxing agency. This is an administrative agency. The agency doesn’t issue permits or impose regulatory controls, and doesn’t have the power of eminent domain. Public-private partnerships are critical for the success of the agency’s efforts.

Establishing Ordinance